The National Society of the Children of the American Revolution, founded in 1895, is the oldest patriotic youth organization in our country. Membership is open to descendants of patriots of the American Revolution.

The North Carolina Society was organized on March 8, 1938. There are twenty two local societies and three organizing societies across North Carolina where members gain invaluable leadership experience in conducting meetings, following parliamentary procedures and observing protocol, serving as delegates and speaking before groups at local, state and national conferences. Members also participate in community activities and promote the history of our country.

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About the North Caolina Society

The C.A.R. trains good citizens, develops leaders and promotes love of the United States of America and its heritage among young people.

Learn about William Johnston’s

2019-2020 State President’s Project

Local Societies in North Carolina

There are 22 local societies across North Carolina where members support their community.

The Tarheel Tattler

The Tarheel Tattler is published quarterly and reports on the members and activities of the North Carolina Society.

Upcoming Events

How To Join

Membership is open to anyone under the age of twenty-two years who is descended from someone who rendered material aid to the cause of American Independence.